First Round Games:

  • Please let Andy and I know the final score of your games.

    • They can be played this Wednesday or Thursday (NOT IN GLENWOOD)

  • The Higher Seed has the choice to host

  • You will have to find and pay for your own umpires.

    • Remember $5 admission can be charged to help with this cost.

  • Call me if you have any questions (515-468-7011)

Here are the final details for the tournament this week in Glenwood:

  • All Quarterfinal Games on Friday will start at 6 PM – this allows everyone to get home at a decent time

  • Tournament Central in Glenwood is at City Field (501 Tyson St) – Equipment, Concessions, Bracket, Chalk, etc. will all be there

    • If you can’t get a hold of me, look for a Glenwood Parent there and they should be able to help.

    • Other Glenwood Coaches:

      • Chris Jensen 712-420-6013

      • Kory Tanner 515-468-8812

      • Josh Kendrick 712-310-1262

  • We plan on having a large grill with some ‘better than usual’ concessions at City Field. (I’m not in charge of this, but I was told to pass this along.)

    • I don’t know if we’ll have concessions at the other fields, but City Field will be stocked and operating

  • If weather is a concern on Friday, I’ll let everyone know by 3 PM what the plan is. These fields dry up pretty quick. We have a contingency plan for Saturday if needed.

All-Tournament Team - This is a fun addition that we’re putting in

  • Each coach needs to pick an MVP from the opposing team for each game

    • We’ll try to get you a card before or you can text me the number and I’ll get the name from the other coach

  • We’ll announce this team after the championship game and have an award for them


  • For games in Glenwood – I’ll have experienced, certified umpires behind the plate. I should have at least 1 field ump for each game and we’ll have 2 field umpires for the championship game.

  • Respect for these guys is expected – they have 100% control of the game and the facilities. I don’t anticipate issues – you guys have been great all season.

Shawn Koehler <shawn.koehler@bayer.com>

Mobile: 515-468-7011