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Welcome to the Western Iowa Boys Baseball League (WIBBL) 

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League message 7/08/15



13U -- Woodbine   --  BRACKETS (pdf format)



12U -- Beebeetown  --  BRACKETS (pdf format)


1)  Underwood 2   2)  Clarinda  3)  TC Beebeetown  4)  Harlan Sluggs 

10U Hawkeye -- Missouri Valley -- BRACKETS (pdf format) 


1)  LoMa Gold   2)  Underwood  3)  West Harrison  4)  TC Beebeetown

10U Cyclone -- Harlan -- BRACKETS (pdf format)


1)  Harlan Rockets   2)  Clarinda Jr A's  3)  Harlan Cyclones  4)  Harlan Lightning


Anyone who is interested in playing baseball outside of WIBBL, please see the flyer from Iowa Dirtbags.Baseball Club  --   



This case happened in a prior year for a 10u game with 1 umpire. The umpire called the game from behind the MOUND, which led to several questionable calls on balls and strikes. Going forward, if there is only 1 umpire, he must umpire from behind the plate. I know getting umpires is difficult, but usually one can be found or if one comes from the fans you may have to supply them with some gear. Hopefully this does not happen often. Let me know if you have questions regarding this matter.

Team Registrations Registration: April 1, 2015

Roster Deadline: April 27, 2015.

Season: This year the season will run from April 27 - June 20,2015

League Tournaments: Will be the Week of June 23,2015.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or call Brent at 402-680-5017. Thank you for your participation and cooperation in forwarding this information to the appropriate individuals in your communities. If you know of other teams with interest, please forward to Brent and we will see if we can accomodate them. It does sound like the 10u and 12u could be again be very crowded this year so please register as soon as possible.


 GAME RESULTS: Please email scores to scores@wibbl.org so they can be posted.

MEETINGS:   Rules Meeting and Scheduling Meeting: April 15, 2015 7 pm at Missouri Valley High School.

Birth Certificates: Some people have been hesitant to supply certificates to Wibbl for privacy. Completely understand that. However, a coach or parent should be able to supply that instantly at a request of Wibbl official. This would be demanded should a team or another coach request and investigation into the age of the player. In case of tournament time, they should be on premisis to avoid any conflict. A player may be asked to sit out should there be any doubt as to proper age and no proof can be provided at the time of the game.

2013 Rule Changes:  1) Regulation baseballs is defined as genuine leather covered. Do not use synthetic covered for league play.
2) Tournament umpires must be certified umpires.


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2015 Rules & Bylaws 

2015 League Info 

2015 Team Contact Info Forms (return to Brent)

League Dates 2015:    

A) Information/Scheduling Meeting    April 15, 2015    7 PM (@ Mo Valley High School)

B) Registration Deadline    April 1st, 2015

C) Roster Deadline                             April 27, 2015

D) League Start Date     April 27, 2015

E) League End Date         June 20, 2015

F) Tournament Dates      Begin:  June 23, 2015     End:  TBA

League Tournaments: 

10U-Hawkeye  Mo Valley

10U-Cyclone Harlan

12U Beebeetown

13U Woodbine

2015 League Fee:     

TBA per team  (send registration fee to

WIBBL                                      C/O Brent Hansen          810 Elm Street        Missouri Valley, IA 51555




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Iowa High School Athletic Association

Western Iowa Baseball League
C/O Brent Hansen
810 Elm St
Missouri Valley, IA  51555
Email:  avanfossan@underwoodschools.org

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